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Break Through Industries offers an extensive suite of HydroVac excavation services that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and quality. Our services include Hydro Excavating, Daylighting Excavation, and Commercial Pumping.

Hydro Excavating is a non-destructive process that uses pressurized water and a vacuum system to safely remove soil, thus reducing the risk of damaging underground utilities.


Daylighting Excavation leverages the same HydroVac system to accurately and safely expose underground utilities, providing a clear view of what lies beneath the surface. Our Commercial Pumping services efficiently handle and remove large volumes of materials, significantly reducing the project's downtime.

These services embody our commitment to providing safer, cleaner, and more efficient excavation solutions.


At BreakThrough Industries, our ethos of "Together, breaking through to the next generation of excavation" ensures we stay ahead, offering you excavation services that not only meet your needs but also redefine industry standards.

Hydro Excavation Services:

Hydro Excavating

Our Hydro Excavating services offer a safe, non-destructive method for soil removal. This approach minimizes the risk of damage to underground utilities, ensuring a more efficient excavation process. We're leading the charge in professional Hydro Excavation services in Oklahoma City.


Daylighting Excavation

Our daylighting or potholing services accurately and safely expose underground utilities. We harness our HydroVac system to offer top-notch Daylighting Excavation services, providing a clear view of what lies beneath the surface.


Commercial Pumping

Our Commercial Pumping services in Oklahoma City are perfect for managing and moving large volumes of material. By harnessing the power of HydroVac technology, we provide efficient waste and debris removal services, setting new standards in Commercial Pumping solutions.

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