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Planning a digging project in Oklahoma? The first step is always to call OKIE 811 - a critical legal obligation that allows underground utilities to be marked. However, this conventional method provides a broad 4-foot area estimation, which could still leave you liable for costly repairs if a utility line is accidentally struck. That's where Break Through Industries can be your game-changer.


OKIE 811, while crucial, provides only a 4-foot radius estimate of where underground utilities might be located. And if you hit a marked line, you’re on the hook for the repair. That’s where we come in. Break Through Industries uses advanced hydro vac technology to daylight underground utilities, ensuring contractors know precisely where the utility lines are before digging.

Why Choose Break Through Industries for Your Digging Project?

Accurate Daylighting:

Our hydro vac technology uses pressurized water and a high-powered vacuum system to expose buried utilities safely and efficiently. This non-destructive method provides a clear view of the exact location of underground lines, significantly reducing the risk of damage during your digging project.

Liability Reduction:

When you use our services, you significantly reduce the risk of hitting an unanticipated utility line, protecting your project timeline and budget from unexpected repair costs and potential fines.

Safety First:

Hydro excavation is safer for both workers and the environment compared to traditional digging methods. It minimizes potential hazards associated with accidental utility strikes, ensuring the safety of your crew and the general public.

Compliance Assurance:

We help you comply with state regulations regarding the precise location of underground utilities before excavation, ensuring you meet your legal obligations and avoid regulatory fines.

If you're in the Oklahoma construction industry, choosing Break Through Industries is a smart, safe, and cost-effective decision. It’s not just about what’s beneath the ground. It’s about peace of mind, knowing you won’t strike an unexpected line.

Our hydro vac services go hand in hand with OKIE 811. We take the next step to ensure precise utility location, shielding you from unnecessary liability and costs, while bolstering safety and efficiency. Before you break ground, make the call to Break Through Industries – your partner in safe and accurate digging in Oklahoma.

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