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Utility Locating in Oklahoma City, OK: Residential & Commercial Utility & Pipe Locating Services

We’re an excavation company that understands how critical utility locating is when carrying out any Oklahoma City job. In the Oklahoma City area, we have top contractors dedicated to locating your pipes within your construction worksite. Break Through Industries strategically use methods such as our hydrovac to complete our services, decreasing any possibility of complications. You can’t always tell where underground utilities are on Oklahoma City properties, that’s why we use strategic methods to avoid damaging any pipelines.

The Importance of Utility Locating

Our Oklahoma City contractors need to learn where your utilities are located underground prior to construction. We know that to avoid a possible setback, it’s critical to mark out where pipes are so that when digging during a construction job, you won’t hit a utility line and harm any work being done. We’re an Oklahoma City excavation company that takes the proper measures to ensure any gas line or other utility lines aren’t bothered, creating contractor fines and wasted labor.

An Efficient Way to Uncover Your Pipes

Here at Break Through Industries, we carry out our Oklahoma City pipe locating services through hydrovac methods. Hydrovac is where our Oklahoma City contractors pair pressured air and water with a high velocity suction vacuum. The water and air break into the soil for easier access exposing any utilities, where you can then examine the pipes thoroughly to notice any damage or ensure a strong utility line. Trust that our Oklahoma City team brings you the proper methods to make sure your utility and pipe locating services go smoothly.

We’re Careful Not to Damage Any Underground Utilities

Often, there are underground utilities that don’t leave a ditch line in the ground. Therefore, it’s challenging to recognize if you’re close to a cable line or any underground utilities. The possibility of hitting or even cutting a cable with a backhoe or shovel is high due since utility lines aren’t always apparent. Luckily for our Oklahoma City customers, our excavation company is filled with only most expert Oklahoma City contractors in the area.

Hydrovac Excavation Made Easy Throughout Oklahoma City, OK

Break Through Industries offers comprehensive hydrovac excavation services, including daylighting and potholing. We help you locate critical utility lines so your construction project can continue without a hitch. Through state of the art hydrovac technology, our services are minimally invasive without ever compromising efficacy. If you need to locate critical utilities and don’t want to deal with messy excavation techniques, reach out to our team in Oklahoma City, OK today.

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