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Repairing of plastic tube water delivery system. Open trench with small diameter water pipe and heap of ground near.  Excavation of trench by hand or mechanized excavator and installation.

Trenching in Oklahoma City, OK: Residential & Commercial Utility Locating & Trenching Services

The Oklahoma City community raves about the quality practices and expert professionals that come with our trenching services. Break Through Industries is an Oklahoma City excavation company that takes our work seriously and knows the importance of pipe locating prior to carrying out any construction services. We take pride in offering the best in everything from our hydrovac process to our customer satisfaction with our Oklahoma City services.

What Is Trenching?

Trenching is a well known technique for hydro excavation. Our hydrovac method takes high pressured water paired with a vacuum exaction system to cut different dimensions into the soil. Depending on the type of work you want to be completed, that’ll determine the measurements and depth of the trench itself. Different purposes call for different dimensions within the trench. Therefore, you need qualified professionals to carry out your Oklahoma City trenching services for an accurate and precise trench.

Our Pipe Locating Contractors Exceed Expectations

Regardless of the primary task, whether it be underground pipeline installation, or pipe locating, we vow to have the exact precision and immense dedication to complete your trenching services. We hold our Oklahoma City contractors to a high standard if they want to remain employed at our top excavation company. A simple mistake of digging into the groundwater layer within soft soil, possibly causing water to fill in the trench, or using the hydrovac method on rocky soil, is simply unacceptable. None of these mistakes are to happen on our watch. Our Oklahoma City contractors are held in high respect with constant training to bring you reliable services.

Be One of Our Satisfied Oklahoma City Customers

Our trenching services are offered throughout the Oklahoma City area. We have endless amounts of satisfied customers who were more than happy to take advantage of our trenching services. Here at Break Through Industries in Oklahoma City, we’ve completed a variety of projects such as irrigation trenching, gas utility trenching, sewer systems, pipe locating, and much more. Join the community of satisfied clients who we’ve impressed with the integrity and hard work of our Oklahoma City excavation company.

Hydrovac Excavation Made Easy Throughout Oklahoma City, OK

Break Through Industries offers comprehensive hydrovac excavation services, including daylighting and potholing. We help you locate critical utility lines so your construction project can continue without a hitch. Through state of the art hydrovac technology, our services are minimally invasive without ever compromising efficacy. If you need to locate critical utilities and don’t want to deal with messy excavation techniques, reach out to our team in Oklahoma City, OK today.

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