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Excavation Services in Oklahoma City, OK: Residential & Commercial Hydrovac, Daylighting, & Pumping Services

Residential & Commercial Services

Break Through Industries is Oklahoma City’s preferred choice for excavation services.

At Break Through Industries, we’re an excavation company that gives our customers in the Oklahoma City area the pumping services they deserve. We never want to keep our clients in the dark, explaining as much as they would like to know about our excavation services. Excavation isn’t a simple task, and you shouldn’t leave it up to just anyone. We have the credentials every customer can trust and for our pumping services as well. For exceptional results, make sure you go with a proven excavation company in Oklahoma City like Break Through Industries.

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An Oklahoma City Team That Gives You What You Need

Every project differs, and so does the level of excavation needed. However, our excavation services involve removing soil or rock from a construction site. Whether you need an area excavated in Oklahoma City to make way for a new foundation, building renovations, or just a simple construction job, we can complete it promptly and efficiently with our hydro excavation. The process includes setting corner benchmarks, surveying grounds, dressing the loose soil, and much more. If you also find yourself in a situation that needs pumping services, we’ve got you covered. Trust our excavation company for all your needs throughout the Oklahoma City area.



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Traditional Digging Methods Are in the Past

Our hydro excavation method doesn’t waste time on expensive backhoes that can possibly damage pipes and soil. Instead, our Oklahoma City team focuses our energy on better and safer practices. Hydro excavation is where we use high pressure water and an air vacuum to dig through the soil, rather than to use an outdated method such as heavy equipment. Our Oklahoma City professionals eliminate the risk of damaging underground utilities and decreasing the time and money being spent on your excavation services.

Leave all the hard work to us!

We offer services for residential & commercial projects

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Daylighting Excavation Without the Complications

Our daylight excavation in Oklahoma City is carried out using our hydro vacuum excavator. The hydro vacuum combined with the high pressured water excavates and removes the soil simultaneously. Therefore, the process is quicker and less harmful. When using a backhoe for daylight excavation, many complications can arise. Due to the large digging bucket attached to the frontend, it’s a higher probability you’ll damage the wiring or utilities underground. So, choose Break Through Industries in Oklahoma City and let us take care of your daylight excavation the right way.

Hydrovac Excavation Made Easy Throughout Oklahoma City, OK

Break Through Industries offers comprehensive hydrovac excavation services, including daylighting and potholing. We help you locate critical utility lines so your construction project can continue without a hitch. Through state of the art hydrovac technology, our services are minimally invasive without ever compromising efficacy. If you need to locate critical utilities and don’t want to deal with messy excavation techniques, reach out to our team in Oklahoma City, OK today.

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