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Excavation Company in Moore, OK: Residential & Commercial Hydro Excavation, Potholing, Trenching, & More!

Residential & Commercial Services

Break Through Industries is Moore, OK's preferred choice for excavation services.

If you need an expert excavation company for your Moore property, look no further than Break Through Industries LLC. We offer extensive industry knowledge that will not only make your next excavation service a breeze but ensure that it's done with complete safety. Our team provides Moore with hydro excavation to create perfectly sized and functional trenches that offer access to your piping and utility lines without costly damage. For an excavation company you can trust to provide prudent excavation and pumping services, call our team today!

Hydrovac Hole

A First Class Excavation Company for Moore

Hydro Excavation

For a fast and safe excavation service, hydro excavation can't be beat. Using high pressured water and an industrial vacuum, we can cut through the earth straight down to your piping with extreme ease. Plus, since we're only using water to do the clearing, you can know that no harm will come to installations on your Moore property. Expect more from your excavation company by working with our exceptional team today.

Daylighting Excavation

Daylighting is the process of uncovering your piping or utility lines to allow easy access for repairs or replacement. With our expert technicians providing your Moore with services, you can have an expedited excavation service that will uncover your underground installation without issues. That means no damages, no long waits, and no mistakes. Avoid frustration and costly mistakes by putting our team on the today, and get your pipes the servicing they need.

Pumping Services

If you're having issues with standing water on your property in Moore, don't ignore it. Instead, put our pumping services on the job and know it will be cleaned in no time. No matter the amount of water or soil, our experienced technicians will make short work of it with effective pumping services to help make your property safe again in no time.



Experts in Hydrovac, Excavation, Pumping, Trenching & Piping

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Pipe and conduit crossing in a trench on a commercial construction site in Roseburg Oregon

Get to the Bottom of Your Issues With Expert Trenching

Utility Piping

If you're installing new utility piping or need to repair an already installed line, our trenching services offer Moore the effective solutions you need. We provide expedited services to uncover your installations and provide ample space to render services. And using our hydro excavation technique, you can know that no harm will come to your lines in the process.

Utility & Pipe Locating

Knowing where your underground piping and utility lines are is key to any expansion plans you might have for your property. Since building overtop of these installations is ill advised, knowing exactly where pipes and utility lines are not only keeps you safe and prepared for future services but allows you to plan any new additions on your Moore property with full knowledge. Let our team locate your piping and utility lines so you can safely plan your next build project today.


Creating trenches on your property can already be a hassle, especially with some of the heavy equipment used by many excavation companies. But with the services Break Through Industries offers, you can avoid the headache of diggers. We create our trenches with hydro excavation, a safer and equally effective ground clearing process that only uses water. We'll still create a trench with all the space you need for services, but without any of the negative side effects you might expect from excavation services.

Leave all the hard work to us!

We offer services for residential & commercial projects

Hydrovac Excavation Made Easy Throughout Moore, OK

Break Through Industries offers comprehensive hydrovac excavation services, including daylighting and potholing. We help you locate critical utility lines so your construction project can continue without a hitch. Through state of the art hydrovac technology, our services are minimally invasive without ever compromising efficacy. If you need to locate critical utilities and don’t want to deal with messy excavation techniques, reach out to our team in Moore, OK today.

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