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Excavation Company in Lawton, OK: Residential & Commercial Hydro Excavation, Potholing, Trenching, & More!

Residential & Commercial Services

Break Through Industries is Lawton, OK's preferred choice for excavation services.

Excavation can seem overwhelming at times for many Lawton area property owners. However, if you hire Break Through Industries LLC, our excavating contractors make the process seamless. As a widely respected excavation company, we provide hydro excavation, pumping, potholing, and utility piping for commercial, municipal, and residential property owners in Lawton. For full service excavation solutions, look no further.

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Excavation Services Lawton Loves

Everything from building renovations to putting in a new foundation requires experienced excavating contractors. At Break Through Industries, we have long been an excavation company that Lawton relies on, a responsibility we take seriously. Before we begin any project, we survey the entirety of the grounds, ensuring the project goes off safely and without a hitch.



Experts in Hydrovac, Excavation, Pumping, Trenching & Piping

(405) 203-2535
Pipe and conduit crossing in a trench on a commercial construction site in Roseburg Oregon

We Proudly Offer A Wide Range of Excavation Services

Hydro excavation is an industry best technique for safe and secure excavations in Lawton. Even better, hydro excavation is known to be environmentally friendly, as it doesn't damage the surrounding soil as it blasts away holes so you can complete your construction project.

Break Through Industries is committed to keeping your Lawton property intact, and not damaging your soil and utilities is a major part of this. Our excavating contractors utilize Daylighting excavation, which is the process of safely exposing all your underground pipelines or utility lines with our innovative hydro vacuum excavator.

Pumping is a necessary part of the excavation process, as groundwater is known to seep into the trenches and holes, potentially damaging your Lawton project. Our expert pumping techniques remove all the unwanted standing water quickly, using our high capacity vacuum trucks.

Leave all the hard work to us!

We offer services for residential & commercial projects

Installing sewer pipe in the ground trench. House sewer drain pipe installation

Need Professional Potholing in Lawton?

Potholing ensures your Lawton construction site is obstruction free under the surface, allowing you to complete your project without damaging any existing pipes or utilities. At Break Through Industries, our excavating contractors use pressured air and water to dissolve and push the earth apart, carefully revealing the sections you need to continue work.

Part of our job is to make sure your Lawton project can be carried out with no hazards, including any possible complications due to the utility piping beneath the surface. If you hire an inexperienced company to handle your utility piping, then you could be exposing yourself to risk.

At Break Through Industries, we use hydro excavation to safely uncover the location of your pipes. Our contractors carefully remove the existing soil with pressurized water, exposing pipes and lines while limiting the possibility of any damaged. Figuring out where your pipes are located underground prior to construction is necessary to complete a successful construction project in Lawton.

Trenching is needed during the excavation process, and every Lawton project requires slightly different dimensions. As an experienced excavation company, we have the tools and skills to safely dig an accurate and precise trench. Our techniques account for possible groundwater, ensuring standing water doesn't muddy up your trench and make it tough to use.

Hydrovac Excavation Made Easy Throughout Lawton, OK

Break Through Industries offers comprehensive hydrovac excavation services, including daylighting and potholing. We help you locate critical utility lines so your construction project can continue without a hitch. Through state of the art hydrovac technology, our services are minimally invasive without ever compromising efficacy. If you need to locate critical utilities and don’t want to deal with messy excavation techniques, reach out to our team in Lawton, OK today.

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